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JUST Egg Folded Plant Based Egg - 4ct/8oz

JUST Egg Folded Plant Based Egg - 4ct/8oz


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  • Size 8oz
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We make eggs from plants because they taste really good. Fixing the food system is just a very, very nice bonus. For those mornings when you’re rushing to put breakfast on the table for your kids or for when that cup of coffee hasn’t yet kicked in, JUST Egg Folded makes breakfast practically unskippable. Simply pop it in a toaster, microwave, oven or skillet, and some really good eggs will be on your plate in minutes. Each JUST Egg Folded has six grams of plant protein, zero cholesterol and less saturated fat than a chicken egg. It’s ideal for breakfast sandwiches but also great on ramen noodles or in fried rice.
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