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Squirt Ruby Red 20oz Bottle

Squirt Ruby Red 20oz Bottle


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  • Size 20oz
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Squeeze in the great taste of grapefruit with Squirt Ruby Red! Light, refreshing and full of natural citrus flavors, Squirt is the perfect drink to enjoy on a refreshing day. Squeeze in some good times with a fun twist of Squirt Ruby Red. The fresh citrus taste of Squirt is mixed with bright and sweet ruby red grapefruit flavor, and is just right for enjoying as a casual refresher or the perfect complement to your favorite spirit as a cocktail mixer. Created by Herb Bishop in Phoenix, Arizona in 1938 toward the end of the Great Depression, his idea was to make a soft drink that required less fruit and sugar than other sodas. If you’re in the mood for a more adult drink for mixers and parties, try adding 1 part tequila to 3 parts Squirt and squeeze in lime for a Paloma, a popular drink in the United States as well as Mexico as far back as the 1950s. Reach for a Squirt Ruby Red when you’re looking for a thoroughly satisfying, refreshingly flavorful drink to quench your thirst with a burst of grapefruit and citrus!
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